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Photo Gallery

Each link below takes you to a photo gallery page where you can view photos. You will see a box on the right which provides buttons to view a slide show, or download an entire album or individual photo depending on whether you are viewing a series of thumbnails or an individual photo.

Photos are divided across multiple pages when there are more than 15. You can move between pages using the links at the bottom of each page.


Rendezvous 33 at Kahneeta


Christmas Brunch – Photos and slide show

Rendezvous 32 at Driftwood Shores Resort


Rendezvous 31 at the Eagle Crest Resort


Rendezvous 30 at the Columbia Gorge Hotel

British Tea – Photos and slide show


St John’s Parade – Photos and slide show


Rendezvous 28 at Mount Bachelor Village Resort

Image of page 1 of Lava Lands booklet

Event Booklet

Lava Lands

LeMay Museum Tour


Ladies Tea


Superbowl Party – Photos and slide show


Fall Foliage Tour – Photos and slide show

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