About Club ‘T’ MG

Club “T” MG is a non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and enjoyment of MG cars. It was originally started in the early 1960s by a group who wished to share their mutual interests. Today, the club has grown to include anyone interested in MG cars, no matter what year or model. It is not necessary to be an MG owner to become a member.


We have a monthly event, which depending upon the time of the year, could be a rally, a get together to eat pizza and watch the super bowl, a summer drive with an overnight stay somewhere in Oregon or Washington, a potluck to celebrate Guy Fawkes, a parade as part of the annual Portland Rose Festival, or a Christmas brunch among others.

A monthly meeting is held at a restaurant where, as well as having dinner, discussion takes place in regard to problems members may be having with their cars, help in locating parts and repair sources.

Every summer, an event called the “rendezvous” takes place at a resort for three days. Activities at the rendezvous include a rally, car show, tour, participation in activities at the resort, and an awards banquet with a raffle. Members of other clubs also attend these gatherings.

Members receive monthly, Ye Olde Valve Clatter; the club’s newsletter.

How to Join Club "T" MG

Please download, print and fill out the membership application, and send to Club "T" MG, PO Box5243, Portland, Oregon 97208. Please include a check for dues. For the amount, see the application.

Additional information may be obtained by writing to the membership chairperson at PO Box 5243, Portland, Oregon 97208 or contact us via e-mail. We hope to share our enthusiasm and enjoyment of MG’s with you.

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